Head of 57357’s radiotherapy department, Dr. Zaghloul: this accreditation which was backed by Egyptian American physician and ECN member, Dr. Sherif Yacoub, stands for the recognition of 57357 as a world prominent radiation oncology treatment center.

Dr. Sherif Yacoub: 57357 is the first hospital in Egypt and the Middle East to be positioned on the world prominent radiotherapy centers map.

A new achievement for Hospital 57357 that reflects the global recognition of its stature and excellence in treatment, education, training and expertise exchange. The American Society for Radiation Oncology, ASTRO, through its affiliates ARRO, Association of Residents in Radiation Oncology and Global RT, which is the initiative aiming at facilitating international rotations for radiation oncology trainees, have agreed to place Hospital 57357 on the map  of its  accredited affiliate international training centers, the first positioning of its kind for Egypt and the Middle East.

ASTRO is the world leading association in radiation oncology, and is committed to the improvement of patient care through support of best clinical practices and health policy standards in the field as well as professional education, training, and progress of research. Selecting Hospital 57357 as an accredited training center within the Global Health Rotation initiative means that resident radiation oncology physicians around the globe may be given part of their training program in 57357, and receive an accredited certification, shared Dr. Zaghloul.

Selecting the hospital as one of ASTRO’s accredited training centers confirms that 57357’s radiotherapy department is keeping pace with the standards of advanced world radiotherapy centers, and that it offers medical expertise, benchmark technology, modern equipment and specialized professional competencies in radiotherapy. Thanks to Dr. Sherif Yacoub, radiotherapy professor at Adams Cancer Center, one of Egypt’s loyal sons and Hospital supporter through Egypt Cancer Network in the US who backed our initial communication with ASTRO, the Association was quick to respond favorably to the inclusion of 57357 among its accredited training centers.

“Under this new mutual approval and through the GlobalRT network ,57357 can send its own radiation oncology residents in training  to any of the approved worldwide radiation oncology centers of excellence in USA /Canada/ Europe /Australia or Asia , highlighted Dr. Yacoub. An added benefit which was acclaimed by 57357’s   radiotherapy department team with great appreciation and enthusiasm.