High school students came to lift up the children’s spirits…….They left hopeful and encouraged
On Sunday, March 13th, 2016, the CCHE was blessed with the visit of a group of 30 high school students from the private Philopateer Christian College in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The group was accompanied by their School Principal, Ms. Phoebe Wasfi and Fr. Angelos Michael representative of the Coptic Orthodox Church in Canada. This is the annual High School mission trip through which the students will be visiting orphanages and hospices as well as 57357 in Egypt. They came loaded with gifts and spent most of their time with the children.

At the end of their tour of the Hospital premises, our visitors unanimously reveal how proud they are of 57357, and how grateful and delighted they were to start their Egyptian Tour with the 57357 visit. “This is truly a life changing experience”, exclaims one of the students as he shares how surprised he was to find the children with cancer looking hopeful with smiles on their faces. Another student is appreciative of the application of advanced technology, the provision of free outstanding quality care as well as the devotion and optimism of the Hospital’s physicians and Nurses.
As for Fr. Angelos Michael, he was impressed to find that Hospital 57357 was comparable to the most renowned Hospital for children in Canada, the Sick Kids Hospital with one noticeable difference is that the latter is covered by publically funded health insurance. As such, he urges each and every Egyptian or Canadian to donate to 57357, the largest free-standing Hospital in the world, so as to enable it to sustain and to expand to offer its free quality services to a larger number of children still needing access to quality care both in Egypt and the surrounding region. Fr. Angelos delivered a donation check to 57357’s Physician Dr. Mohamed Aggag who accompanied the visitors during the tour.

The College’s Principal, Ms. Wasfi ends the visit with these encouraging words: It was a dream for us to see the Hospital …..57357 is the Hope for the hopeless….. Here and Now, we are witnessing the shaping of the future of Egypt by the Egyptians.. We will support you and will continue to do so…..