The Children’s Cancer Hospital Foundation and the Hospital’s  staff and visitors received, with great satisfaction, the statement of the Ministry of Social Solidarity regarding what was raised by some media channels about serious violations contaminating the workflow of the Hospital and the Foundation and raising questions about the integrity of their management. The statement assured the integrity of the financial and administrative standings and denied all alleged accusations. The investigations and auditing that took five months proved that all accusations were not true. We thank God for revealing the truth and safeguarding hopes in the presence of honest work by people who only seek God’s contentment, attempting through social work, to promote the health of Egypt’s children. These people are in effect supporting and complementing the efforts of the Egyptian government towards community development under the patronage of the Republic’s president. As such, The Foundation is engaged in a variety of development activities under the supervision and sponsorship of the state represented in the Ministry of Social Solidarity. The executive committee of the board of trustees believes that it is time to thank all the Hospital and Foundation staff and their management for their determination and resilience in the face of  unfair attacks hitting fiercely  and sabotaging the activities of the Foundation. Nonetheless, the staff exerted unprecedented efforts to minimize the damage. The committee expresses its appreciation and thanks to all the committees of the Ministry of Social Solidarity, the administrative control, the central auditing organization, the Hospital’s auditors, the Ministry of Health and communication and high education experts who have accurately and comprehensively audited thousands of documents since 2007 using the historical and objective approaches. They  looked into all the details seeking to find the truth.

The executive committee congratulates the civil society and the associations that work in the field for the findings in the ministry of solidarity’s statement which renders justice and fairness not only to 57357 but to all other the civil society organizations . The statement assured that civil work is carried out under reliable supervision that guaranties it is abiding to laws and regulations and it is channeled to achieve progress and development in multiple fields. At the end of this statement we cannot forget to thank Dr. Ghada Wali, Minister of Social Solidarity for bearing with us the burden of accusations and her patience until the truth was revealed.