With the beginning of the new year and the Christmas celebrations, groups from Egypt’s churches were visiting our children, handing out nice gifts and spending time with them. At 57357, we have been lately welcoming visits from different churches that included a number of prominent religious Christian figures such as priest Makary Younan, pastor of  the large St.Mark church who expressed his delight with the visit saying: I came to receive blessings from the Hospital and I am thanking god for this opportunity. Referring to Jesus Christ’s words, “I was sick and you visited me”, he said: I came to visit  Christ who is represented in every child in the Hospital.

The churches’ youth participated with 57357’s children in decorating the Christmas tree and writing their wishes for the New Year, as they visited them in the Hospital’s different departments and handed out gifts. Both Cairo and Tanta branches of the Hospital welcomed visits coming from churches located in Greater Cairo Area, Elmenia, Kafr Alsheikh and Alexandria. As such,  during the Christmas season, the Hospital received visitors from more than fifty churches.

The St. Georgious & Anba Antonios church youth presented nice songs and hymns to welcome the New Year which delighted our children and created a joyful atmosphere inside the Hospital.

It is noteworthy that throughout the year, the Hospital receives visits from churches as well as continuous moral and material support. . They contribute to our children’s treatment journey with monetary donations, blood donations and prayers, as well as visits during which they try to ease the burden of the children.

Our gratitude to the kind charitable hearts that are coming from churches throughout Egypt to share Hospital 57357’s children in feast celebrations.