The Minister of immigration and affairs of Egyptians abroad, Nabila Makram, official patron of the event, commends the efforts of ECN and its role in supporting Egypt

Yesterday (Saturday, 29 Sept. 2018), an ECN fundraiser in Los Angeles, under the patronage of the Egyptian Minister of immigrants’ affairs, Nabila Makram, and in attendance of top 57357 management and board, received wide acclamation from the Egyptian American community in the U.S.

Present at the event were Dr. Mohamed El Erian, renowned Egyptian American Economist and ECN’s staunch supporter, Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, board of trustees president, Eng. Lotfi El Badrawy, AFNCI board president,  Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga, Hospoital CEO, and Wael Eweida, COO.

This was a golden opportunity to renew and strengthen ties of confidence and transparency between the Hospital management and ECN supporters in the light of recent attacks and false allegations in the Egyptian media about the Hospital. Hospital 57357 CEO, Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga received wide applause after his presentation and elucidation of all the facts concerning the Hospital.

In a powerful message by Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and affairs of Egyptians abroad, that was sent through video conferencing, she highlighted the role of Egyptians abroad in supporting Egypt against wars that target success in Egypt by those who do not want its prosperity. The Minister commended the efforts and role of ECN in supporting Egypt. She asked supporters to be vigilant about rumors and false allegations.” There are people who desire to make us go backwards…..we will not allow them to do so…..we must join efforts to fight back” said the Minister, qualifying ECN supporters as Egypt warriors. Her message ignited passion and enthusiasm of the audience.

During the event ECN supporters headed by Dr. El Erian presented a generous donation of 15 million Egyptian pounds in favor of Hospital 57357’s capacity expansion, reiterating their continuous support to the Hospital