On November 19, 2019, ECN sponsored a fundraiser event in the Boston area. The newly restructured and revived chapter under the leadership of Dr. Alaa Ahmed, an established dentist with a special dedication for Hospital 57357, is witnessing new beginnings. ECN had an established chapter in Boston for several years, but during the past two years, chapter members had moved or no longer could take responsibility.

The event was planned as an ‘introduction’ event through which they invited new members as well as some established donors in the area.  The purpose was to acquaint the potential donors with the hospital’s past, present and future.

Invitations went out to about 100 people in the Boston and surrounding areas of whom 70 responded positively

The key speaker was Dr. Sherif Abouelnaga, the CEO of Hospital 57357, who travelled from Cairo for this event.  His presentation was on point and definitely held everyone’s attention.  There were many questions with positive and truthful answers.

Dr. Sherif Yacoub, MD, PHD, a radiologist oncologist , discussed the advantages of  the acquisition of the proton therapy connected units for 57357 and their positive effect on treating tumors.  Dr. Yacoub is also on the advisory board of 57357 and currently practices in the United States.

The financials of the hospital were also shared as well as the subject of ‘where does my money go’.  Everyone enjoyed the evening, and we received positive feedback.  Some of the attendees did not know about Hospital 57357 and they offered to spread the word throughout the community.  Donors both donated at the event, others took the booklets home to absorb more about the hospital and donated on line.  Our next step is follow up to make sure we maintain donors in this part of the country.

All in all, it was a successful re-launch of the Boston Chapter, thanks to Dr. Alaa Ahmed and his team.

We are looking forward now to a more formal event in the future.