2013-05-09 15.30.50World Famous Exhibition basketball team Harlem Globetrotters cheer up 57357’s kids with cancer with their fun games

Despite their busy few days in Cairo, where they were scheduled to hold 3 performances at the International Stadium, the Harlem Globetrotters insisted on visiting Hospital 57357’s children with cancer on Thursday, May9, 2013.

From the minute they got off their bus at the Hospital’s gate, till the time they got back on it again, led by their lucky mascot Globie, they spread joy and laughter everywhere .They went on with their ball handling wizardry, spinning the basketball on the children’s fingers, making the day of every person who was there.

In the presence of numerous TV and newspapers reporters, the team members were constantly calling on everyone to make a difference in the lives of our Children with cancer, whether by visiting them or making donations; specially that Hospital 57357 is presently engaged in a number of capacity expansion projects which would enable it to meet the increasing demand for its free of charge quality healthcare services.

“We came to this amazing place to make a difference in the Children’s lives. Together we can change the world, so we need you to also do the same“, said team member Special K, on behalf of all other members.

Will you respond to the Harlem Globetrotters’ call?