We have so much to celebrate for:  8 years of operation, the launch of the  new 60bed extension at the  Hospital premises and  Tanta branch in the Delta, the newly recorded average  over-all survival rate of 74.7% at the hospital, the completion of the architectural schematic design for its future  Health Sciences Campus and the successful take-off of the joint 57357/Dana Farber Boston Children’s pediatric oncology fellowship program

Most of all, we are celebrating you, our supporters and charitable partners. To you goes the credit for all our accomplishments.

57357’s children will be able to enjoy the Eid like all other children…. because they are no more afraid of cancer. They feel they are constantly protected by the Almighty. At 57357, they feel like being at Home among friends and family. There, they all know they are receiving the best comprehensive care.

57357’s Children are waiting impatiently for the Eid. They dream of a beautiful toy, a new outfit, but they also dream of Cure

Do not forget our children at 57357, Pray for them, Come and visit them, Celebrate the Eid with them!

Have a blessed and Happy Eid!