Amna Taher, a true patriotic Egyptian Lady donates a property to 57357 to house a hospice care
The Association of Friends of the National Cancer-free Initiative (AFNCI) supports the setup of the Hospice care facility
Hospital 57357 takes care of the training of the palliative care nursing team

The generous Mrs. Amna Taher signed a contract through which she is donating an entire property to Hospital 57357 to set up a Hospice care (one of 57357’s future expansion projects) for is patients. The Hospice care facility will be furnished and equipped by AFNCI and will include a space for palliative care patients as well as an entire floor for the treatment of Virus C patients and a mammogram unit for cancer breast detection. The supportive action of AFNCI to this 57357 expansion project component falls within its global mission of supporting projects which would enhance the standards of healthcare delivery to Egyptian patients and hence contribute to the wellbeing and progress of the Nation.

In the picture, you can see Egypt’s Squash Champion, Nour El Sherbini as she attended the contract signing event during her visit to the Hospital that same day.

It is noteworthy that the 57357’s Continuing Education unit has just recently completed a training course for assistant nurses in palliative care for 57357’s in- patients as well as those who need this critical type of care at home

The vision of the 57357 group with respect to this concerted action is to provide the best opportunities for quality care and treatment to all Egypt’s cancer patients and to put up resources and training capabilities at the service of Egyptian cancer patients at the hands of experts and healthcare professionals who receive the highest quality training.