Hospital 57357 was blessed with the visit of one of its faithful donors and partners since 2009, Magid Al Futtaim /Carrefour. A staff delegation headed by Mr. Fawaz Tayfour, VP Human Capital, Organization, Systems&IT, and Mr. Ahmed Rohayem , Loss Prevention GM, Egypt, seized the opportunity of the delivery of their yearly Ramadan donation to Hospital 57357, to come and visit the premises , spend quality time with the children and offer them gifts.

The delegation was warmly welcomed by Dr. Hanaa Farid, 57357 Foundation’s Fundraising Manager who gave a thorough presentation about the establishment of the Hospital as well as its future expansion projects. At the start of her talk, Dr. Hanaa was keen to express her gratitude to the AL Futtaim/Carrefour group which she qualified as more than just a donor, but a strong charity partner who has never failed all along the past seven years to support the mission of the Hospital. She highlighted the importance of partners/ versus one time donors in ensuring the success and sustainability of the Hospital operation.

Mr. Tayfour, who was part of previous Carrefour visits to the Hospital, reveals that it is only when they carried out their first visit to the Hospital that their enthusiasm and support for 57357 was intensified. They saw the cleanliness, the organization, the free quality services, the latest equipment and understood that Hospital 57357 was a unique humanitarian institution worthy of receiving their contributions to the one pound program and so much more. This is when they embarked on finding new ways of helping the Hospital and launched their Ramadan campaigns for the collection of funds as well as their donations on behalf of their customers in favor of 57357. “For this reason, explained Mr.Tayfour, I was keen on bringing along staff members who had never been to 57357 before. He invited them to think of ways of reviving the one pond program by increasing the numbers of adherents and the amount of individual donations.

At the end of their meeting in the Auditorium before they would start their tour of the premises, members of the delegation remitted two generous checks to Dr. Hanaa Farid.