In  recognition of Hospital 57357’s standing, and the leadership of its clinical pharmacy department, the Hospital is currently hosting a delegation of students of Texas University’s school of Pharmacy , to receive a training course in Hospital 57357’s clinical pharmacy department which includes more than 30 specialties and highly experienced professionals.

The training program is organized by the continuous education and development department headed by Dr. Manal Zamzam. According to Dr. Ahmed Elsherbiny, head of external relations, the course comprises practical training that includes the different aspects of clinical pharmacy applications, besides the theoretic part. Selecting 57357 affirms its stature and distinction in the field of clinical pharmacy, moreover it is accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists, ASHP, reveals Dr. Elsherbiny.

The training program will last two weeks. Besides the practical training in all pharmacy departments, students participate in some voluntary activities to support sick children, added Dr. Mona Wasfi, supervisor of Hospital 57357’s external relations department.

Hospital 57357 is considered a pioneer in clinical pharmacy in Egypt. The Hospital’s clinical pharmacy department is subject to continuous development to ensure applying highest world standards  in medications’ preparation and offering high quality services. Currently, the department comprises more than 30 specialties, and work became completely automated due to the availability of latest equipment which contribute to performance accuracy and rapidity, and ensure safe preparation of medication doses. Moreover, areas dedicated to the preparation of  medication doses  were redesigned to ensure preparing medication according to international standards, air quality and smooth workflow.

The department also organizes the resident pharmacist program which is accredited by ASHP as the first hospital in Africa to receive the accreditation. The program started in 2018 through the continuous education and development department, and has seen the successful graduation of cohorts that contributed to making a difference and progress in clinical pharmacy in Egypt.