“To ensure that our patients are receiving best oral care at CCHE57357, we acquired the latest technology dental care unit, shares Dr. Sherif Assem , highlighting the purpose of acquiring top-notch dental machines with unique features compared to previous models among which is the self-sterilizing option, the prime scanning, and two powerful electric motors.

This is the first dental machine that comes with a self-sterilizing option. It will provide the highest level of patient and staff protection  to about 20 patients, that are visiting the dental clinic daily through sterilizing cycles that range from a single minute after each patient’s session to ten hours at the end of each week.   The prime scanning option, which is regarded as the most advanced option within the dental field, offers a high degree of digital accurate scans. Meanwhile, the camera is connected to a monitor to showcase the intraoral procedures enabling the dentist to explain to a child his current oral condition, and boosting communication between them.

Using the novel device has enabled the carrying out of different kinds of dental procedures like root canal treatment and implant using the same device, saving patients time also the money spent to acquire two separate devices for each procedure.

The machine has two electric motors, enabling higher torque  while proceeding with different dental procedures that require more power. Moreover, its software will be connected to the patient’s hospital medical filing system for documentation and sharing patient’s oral case and scans with the medical team including surgeons for a precise medical decision.

Cancer treatment has its drawbacks that directly affect a patient’s oral health condition, for instance, radiotherapy causes a patient’s bones of the jaws to soften, and here comes the role of the dentist to restore the bones and help a patient to practice his life normally after his treatment journey. Moreover, precise information about the patient’s oral condition is vital before performing a marrow transplant to make sure no bacteria are lurking in the patient’s teeth.