DantesI met Abdel Rahman at the dentist clinic at 57357. There are three dentist clinics at the Hospital to cater to one of the most typical side effects of the chemotherapy treatment:  the development of teeth and gums problems. What mostly attracted my attention is the fact that Abdel Rahman was at ease and relaxed on the dentist chair. I was touched by the way his dentist, Dr. Mohamed Adly was gently  and patiently treating  his problem. Talking to Abdel Rahman later, I learn from him how much he loves his dentist whom he considers his friend!

Besides being vulnerable to teeth problems because of the treatment, Abdel Rahman who is three years old, has never used a toothbrush and was totally ignorant of basic teeth hygiene. His friend the dentist offered him his first toothbrush and taught him how to clean his teeth religiously three times a day. Since then, Abdel Rahman is taking good care of his teeth.

I learn from Abdel Rahman’s physician, Dr. Iman Attia , that he suffers from Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), that his prognosis is good , and that he is responding well to the treatment. Abdel Rahman has gone through 61 weeks of chemotherapy treatment out of a total of 146.

Abdel Rahman has still a long way to go. But I am comforted to know that all through this journey, comprehensive care which encompasses cancer treatment is being offered to him to maximize his chances of a better future.