Port said Governor joins the team in visiting El Nil School

Because Hospital 57357 is committed to safeguarding the wellness of Egypt’s children both the sick and the healthy, it is engaged in raising awareness about cancer causes and prevention through widespread comprehensive media campaigns . As such a multidisciplinary Hospital team was assigned to set up the “Home without cancer” campaign and its action to reach out to all Egypt’s provinces and all segments of the society.

The awareness campaign Team seized the opportunity of a 2 day visit to three schools in Port Said by the Foundation’s schools and Universities unit to join in and give a number of awareness presentations as well as to visit the KAPCI Coatings plant for paints.

13The awareness team is made of physicians and researchers whose role is to prepare the awareness material dealing with cancer causes , early detection and prevention as well as healthy living guideline for presentations and publicity material . This team works closely with the Association of Friends of the National Cancer Initiative.

At the first School, EL Nil El Masreya, The 57357 team was welcomed  by the Governor of Port Said,  Major General Sameh Kandil who expressed appreciation for the praiseworthy role and action of the Hospital as a leading comprehensive healthcare institution providing free quality care and cure to children with cancer.

The team, then, paid a visit to Saad Zaghloul primary school and the Mohamed El Sayed and Hassan El Badrawy schools Complex. Wherever they went, the awareness team gave presentations which included valuable information about cancer and other diseases and healthy living tips and guidelines. They also held workshops and distributed gifts and informative fliers. They were able to make the children commit to a Healthy living oath.

At the end of their visit and responding to an invitation from KAPCI Coatings plant owner, Eng. Lotfi El Badrawy, the team toured the plant’s premises. It is noteworthy that KAPCI Coatings is one of 57357’s strong partners which, similarly to 57357, built its success and reputation on the basis of scientific research and sound planning. El Badrawy is appreciative of the fact that at 57357, people are constantly looking forward to develop and advance towards achieving world cure rates and beyond.