In 57357 and for the first time in Egypt and in the Arab world:
Training in radio- nuclear pharmacy specialty is being established

Nuclear pharmacy was first established as a pharmacy specialty in the developed world in 1978. Nuclear Pharmacy entails the preparation of radioactive materials that will be used to diagnose and treat specific diseases. . Nuclear pharmacy seeks to improve and promote health through the safe and effective use of radioactive drugs for diagnosis and therapy. With respect to radiology, the pharmacist will be following up on non nuclear material injected to the patient for diagnostics purposes.

Training in Radio- Nuclear pharmacy in 57357 involves two main activities:
In the Radiology Department:
Through examining the client’s treatment history, the radio- Nuclear pharmacist will ensure that the non-radioactive material namely radio contrast agents or dyes used in MRI and CT scans will not interfere with the medication he is receiving and will be dosed according to his body weight so as to protect him from side effects especially with respect to kidney functions.
In the Nuclear Medicine Department:

The pharmacist will receive a certified training from the International Atomic Energy Agency to handle safely the radio-active materials. The first pharmacist to receive such training is 57357’s clinical pharmacist, Mahmoud El Sherif who is to check on the safe handling of the radioactive material used for treatment and diagnostic purposes under the supervision of 57357’s expert in safety and protection in the nuclear medicine field.
“I am delighted with 57357’s action of constantly pursuing to improve the quality of services it is providing to the children. I am also excited to be part of this improvement.” reveals Dr. El Sherif. He pledges to do the utmost to ensure more safety to the children as he is proud that 57357 is always a forerunner in applying the latest procedures that will maximize the outcome of patients and increase their chances of cure.
In the picture, you can see Dr. El Sherif sticking the first safety label related to the radioactive material of a patient’s PET/CT scan