Thursday, Jan.21, 2016 marked the end of the three week internship program at Hospital 57357 of two Harvard University Master’s degree students in public health. Both north American students Omar El Mandouh and Nikeem Ugonabo , were given the opportunity to apply the knowledge they receive and complete their Harvard degree practicum requirements in a real world setting: tracking Hospital 57357’s process for new patients’ admission with the purpose of presenting their suggestions for improving patient flow and maximizing patient and family’s experience.

This internship program is one aspect of the collaboration between 57357 and Dana Farber Boston Children’s (DFBC) within the framework of the latter’s Global Health Initiative. Hospital 57357 welcomed to host the internship program as it is constantly in quest for quality improvement of its services. The 2 students were mentored by 57357’s quality department head, the first group of physicians training for the joint DFBC/5357 joint fellowship program, and the head of the nursing research unit. The two interns delivered 10 recommendations liable for further discussion to improve the existing admission process.

The results and recommendations presented by the two Interns would also constitute the basis for further debate and research in the light of existing constraints and challenges facing the Hospital.
“This internship is in fact my first introduction to the Middle East…… Truly, everybody was warm…It was a great environment for me and I want to thank each and every one who made this a unique experience for me” said Ugonabo when asked about her over-all experience in Egypt. As for El Mandouh, who is of Kuwaiti origins, he revealed: “Everybody was warm and helpful…. It was one of the best three weeks I had in a while….

All U.S. Global Health Initiative activities consist of continuous efforts to set up joint partnerships with healthcare centers in low- and middle-income countries and are focused around 3 objectives: program building, Education, and research. The Global Health Initiative (GHI) at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s (teaching affiliates of Harvard Medical School) centers on developing outreach initiatives that improve outcomes and survival rates for children with cancer and blood disorders worldwide. The setting up of a joint fellowship training program with 57357 is another promising result of this initiative aiming at breeding a new generation of healthcare professionals on par with their counterparts in the U.S. to usher in change in healthcare delivery in the MENA region.