A volunteer at CCHE 57357, Pasant, wrote a touching story Halima Drawingabout her relationship with one of CCHE’s leukemia patients, Halema. Halema, who grew up in the governorate of El Wadi El Gedid, was first diagnosed with sharp leukemia in 2008. After over three years of treatment, she is now nearly recovered from her illness.

What is unique about Halema is how her passion for art has helped her – and others around her – as she has been undergoing this stressful process of recovery. She is also a poet and a writer. To see some of her artwork and to learn more about Halema’s story, please visit click here.

Halima DrawingThis is yet another testimony to the impact that our volunteers can make. They are key allies of CCHE’s patients and develop strong relationships with them which not only expedite recovery but allow for mutual discovery and learning. We are so grateful to our volunteers and we wish Halema and her peers at CCHE a smooth recovery!