604A43921Ahmed Adel and Omar Mohamed are very close friends. Their friendship started when they were admitted to Hospital 57357 both suffering from the same disease which is Osteosarcoma. Ahmed was admitted in May 2012, just 2 months prior to Omar. Ahmed had the tumor in his left leg but Omar had it in his right leg, as if they were to complement each other.  Now, together, they enjoy their recovery or victory as they called it over their enemy “Cancer”.

At the beginning of their treatment, Ahmed and Omar felt too shy to say that they were cancer patients, but today they declare boldly:
“We are heroes… who have defeated such a terrible disease with much patience and determination”                                                                                                   

“When I first came to 57357, I thought it was just an ordinary hospital which provides patients with basic care. But very soon, I was amazed by its compassionate environment, capabilities and professionalism. I couldn’t believe that all these services were offered for free by an institution which is highly reliant on donations”, said Omar

“Our journey with this disease didn’t only bring pains but also fun. When we were hospitalized, we were asking to be placed in the same room or in neighboring rooms. The Hospital staff were very understanding and granted us our request”, said Ahmed.

“In spite of the unpleasant side effects of the chemotherapy treatment which lasted a whole year,  time flew by very fast without much suffering. We were enjoying our time together, playing and kidding around. The nurses were amazing, and the Doctors were so nice to us .They treated us  more as friends than as patients”, Omar explained.

Both Ahmed and Omar underwent surgery to replace their knee joints. As such, they were struggling to resume walking. However, they relied on each other as they received their treatment in the physiotherapy department. They are very thankful to the physiotherapist Dr Mustafa who helped them recover swiftly.

To practically thank the Hospital and the donors, they have volunteered to guide the visitors who come to donate to the Hospital, giving a real life example of 57357 heroes ….