I was attracted by his cute smiley face and his sparkling witty wide-opened eyes. Although he looks frail and small for his age, he moves around with agility and confidence, delighted that I complemented him on his super trendy fake Nike training suit he was wearing. Abdallah is turning three in December. He was a year and a half when he started treatment at 57357. Today, Abdallah who is diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia( ALL )has reached his 40th week of treatment to which he is responding well. His treatment is expected to last three years and unfortunately it has its toll on his growth and development mainly with respect to weight, height, and speech.

Hence my concern to chat with his physician, pediatric oncology Consultant Dr. Reham Abdel Aziz: “His response to the treatment is reassuring” said Dr. Abdel Aziz, We are watching carefully his development, as he stopped gaining in height and weight for as long as 10 months. But, Abdallah is blessed to be cared for by a healthcare team and an Institution which are committed to secure for him besides quality treatment, the maximum positive outcome after cure. As such, we are following up on how he is growing and giving him the necessary food supplements.

Zoom on Pediatric oncology Consultant Reham Abdel Aziz:

Dr. Abdel Aziz joined the Hospital since the start of operations in 2007. “This place is my life.The bulk of my time is spent at the Hospital” reveals Dr Abdel Aziz. “I rejoice over the cure of my patients the same way I do when one of my own children is healed after having been ill”, she added. What is unique about Hospital 57357 is the commitment of its administration to the constant pursuit of knowledge and training and its readiness to adapt to change that leads to progress and innovation. Also, Hospital 57357 is not merely a hospital but a comprehensive family- centered healthcare center which caters to the patient and his family, striving to provide them with medical and psychological support all through hospitalization and beyond.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Abdel Aziz is a member of 57357’s infectious diseases Team. Recently, last September, she attended in the U.S. the Interscience Conference on Antimicrobial Agents and Chemotherapy (ICAAC). The conference addressed major advances in infectious diseases research with a focus on antibiotic resistance, new antibiotic development and antibiotic stewardship : How to apply the optimum dosage and most effective anti-biotic for the patient without much damage to his immune system.