Hospital 57357 celebrated the graduation of a cohort of trainees enrolled in the international program of contagious diseases and infection control that was organized by St. Jude’s Global School, in cooperation with Hospital 57357.

57357 participation in this program is considered as worldwide recognition of its stature and potential, and that it became an accredited center for this global program’s practical training. The cohort included 13 trainee from Egypt, Senegal, Brazil, Somalia and Pakistan.

According to Dr. Reham Abdel Aziz, head of education in the continuous education and development administration, the training revolved around multiple axes namely monitoring healthcare-associated infections, epidemics spread, hand sanitizing practices, infection control policies, procedures and protocols. Trainers from St. Jude participated in the training besides Dr. Nagwa Khamis, Ms. Nadia, Ms. Fatema Alzahraa and Dr. Radwa from 57357’s infection control department.

The program includes an on-line theoretic part and a practical part which is implemented in 57357, revealed Dr. Khamis, head of infection control department. She asserted that selecting 57357 to be a practical training center is due to the availability of all the required resources such as labs, intensive care, inpatient department and world class experts. During the training, trainees visited the microbiology labs and watched how samples are taken and tested. This program helps preparing students to establish infection control programs in their workplaces thereafter.

Graduates’ commendation:

The graduates commended the program and its success in enabling students to acquire important knowledge and skills. “This is the first time I see a considerable amount of up to date equipment, said Dr. Mogiza, from Tanzania, while Ganci Manish and Dr. Monira Borhami from Pakistan, and Bianca from Brazil said that they are dreaming of applying what they learned in their countries.

Continuous development

Dr. Sherif Abouel Naga narrated the Hospital story, and highlighted the basic components and pillars of the Hospital mission since its inception, namely its application of evidence-based practices, and its commitment to research, education, and the provision of quality care free of charge to children with cancer. “Despite the difficult economic conditions prevailing worldwide, Hospital 57357 is faithful to its commitment to excellence, continuous development and performance improvement, and the provision of quality services using latest equipment”, shared Dr. Abouel Naga.