Dr. El-Erian: 57357’s achievements are source of inspiration for the whole world and it is honor to keep supporting this institution

In a new initiative that reflects his attachment to his homeland and his on-going support to Hospital 57357 , Dr. Mohamed El-Erian donates 2.5 million pounds to help 57357 to face the shortage in donations as a result of the Corona pandemic and to pursue its mission of providing world quality of healthcare to children with cancer free of charge.

“ It is my honor to keep supporting Hospital 57357 which offers great services to thousands of sick children. It grants them courage to overcome the disease and be a source of inspiration for the whole world.

It is noteworthy that Dr. El-Erian is always generous in support and donations to different humanitarian causes, his contributions  exceeding five million pounds this year. He has been keen to support 57357 in particular for the past years in addition to his initiatives to encourage others to donate to help blameless and helpless children who are fighting life threatening diseases , a cause that is most worthy of support according to Dr. El Erian.