Hospital 57357’s top management: we work hard to advance research and soon we will gain its fruits, in this respect we thank ECN-US for their continuous support


Dr. El-Erian: I am proud of 57357 and of belonging to it, my gratitude to all of its staff. I am urging all its supporters to stand behind it all through the way, in favor of its expansion project

Hospital 57357’s staff and management were honored to welcome Egypt’s loyal son and the Hospital’s honorary president, global economist, Dr. Mohammed El-Erian, on his first visit to the premises. Dr. El-Erian is one of 57357’s biggest supporters, and we will always remember his words that reflect genuine love and support to his home country and to the Hospital where he said: Egypt owns the fundamentals of economic advancement, and 57357 is a model that reflects the will of the Egyptians, their vision, leadership, dedication and excellence . The success and continuity of 57357 are every Egyptian’s responsibility.

The Hospital also welcomed a group of ECN-US members, , experts who hold important positions in the US. They are Egypt’s loyal sons who carry the love of their homeland in their hearts while exerting every effort to offer support to the nation and to its children with cancer

The guests were welcomed by, Prof. Dr. Amr Ezzat Salama, chairman of 57357’s board of trusties, the Hospital’s general manager,  and a group of the hospital’s leaders.

Our children welcomed Dr. El-Erian with flowers, and he kindly chatted with them like a father, and shared in their singing.

In 57357, we rely on research and smart education to achieve our mission and vision

During Dr. El-Erian’s tour of the premises, he visited the departments of research, radiotherapy, information technology and day care. The Hospital’s general manager highlighted that 57357 relies mainly  on research and smart education to accomplish its mission and to realize its vision of a cancer-free childhood. In doing so, it is constantly pursuing to  exchange experiences and establishing educational programs in cooperation with the world’s top  medical institutions such as Dana Farber Cancer Institute and Colorado and Harvard Universities. Such collaborations would ultimately result in improving treatment protocols for the benefit of the children with cancer in Egypt and around the world. Dr. Abouel Naga informed our visitor about the different training programs that 57357 is making available to healthcare professionals in Egypt and the surrounding region to create a new generation of care givers capable of ushering in change and a new era of healthcare in this part of the world. Among these programs is the joint 57357/Dana Farber Boston Children’s fellowship training program which necessitate a 6 months training in the U.S. for the students sponsored by ECN. Another program enables local nursing faculty students to spend their residency year in 57357. As for Shaheda El Naggar, head of research, she was keen to bring the good news to Dr. El Erian about the imminent production of 57357 of real research work, being one of the main pillars of its sustainability and because it is backed by a good number of supporters among which ECN, US and Canada.

Dr.El-Erian, during his tour in 57357: what is 57357’s secret for the great spirit characterizing its work team?

While touring the third floor and visiting patients rooms, Dr. El-Erian commented, I sense a wonderful team spirit and an inspiring environment of which the entire working group is responsible. He chatted with children and shared in their coloring activities in the art therapy space. He thanked all the hospital’s supporters and staff for extending support to and taking care of the children and promised to do his utmost to share in making available treatment and care for the children

Recognition plaque for Egypt’s lover, Dr. El-Erian on one of the Hospital’s buildings

To honor our guest who is passionate about his home country and its people, the hospital celebrated unveiling a plaque in his and his daughter’s names and naming one of the hospital’s buildings after him. Also, in the art therapy space, a painting was unveiled in recognition of his donation with ongoing sadaka in the name of his daughter, Samia El-Erian.

It noteworthy that this is not Dr. El-Erian’s first donation, it is one of many contributions in support 57357’s children throughout their treatment journey. In addition, he is always encouraging charity lovers all over the world to support the Hospital and its expansion projects as he firmly believes in the Hospital’s leading role as a unique model for charity work which relies on innovation, evidence based practices, and sustainability tools and  and latest scientific procedures.

A celebration that was held in honor of Dr. El-Erian and Egypt’s patriot sons, experts and professionals who live abroad and who believe that the hospital is a worthwhile  project that deserves support and through which they can be of service to their homeland. During the celebration, Dr. El Erian addressed the guests by  thanking all the Hospital’s supporters. He said that he was proud of the hospital and of being part of it, thanking all the Hospital’s workers. He expressed his wishes for more success and advancement for the hospital and for Egypt in all fields.