A competition event challenging the students’ capabilities in science and engineering

Hospital 57357 celebrated the annual scientific contest for school students which featured the participation of 10 schools from different governorates, such as Qalyoubeya, Gharbeya, Suhag, Cairo and Giza. The Hospital was honored by the attendance of Mr. Hesham Alsengary, Head of Services and Activities Sector, as representative of the Minister of Education, Eng. Ahmed Refat Abu Almagd, Director of the Arab Institute for Advanced Technology of the Arab Organization for Industrialization, Mrs. Abir Mohammed Al-Iraqi, General Manager of the Authority of Exploration Centers and Ambassador of World Federation for the Protection of Children, Dr. Amr Elnashar, member of 57357’s Research Department and Sheikh Mahmoud Alshobki, from Al-Azhar.

The annual contest is an initiative by 57357 in response and recognition to the continuous support of Egypt’s students to the Hospital since its inception. The contest aims to promote social responsibility and sense of belonging among students of public, experimental and private schools throughout the Republic,  encouraging their creative thinking and helping them to integrate within their communities and share in their development process.

The event started with presentations of the students’ projects, which tackled a variety of subjects. Alsalam School in Tanta presented a research about different methods of eliminating bacteria using natural antibiotics. Alshaimaa School presented a research about treatment of cancer through strengthening the immune system. The students of the Egyptian Nile School of October presented a research about deformation of embryos and its causes. Other schools presented researches about repairing DNA, solutions for cancer problems, hydraulic power and its usage for elevating water, and about waste recycling.

The celebration included singing show by choirs of Al Afak Algedida School and Modern School of Egypt, MSE. At the end of the celebration, the judging comity announced the winners of the contest where the first prize in the medical field was given to Alshaymaa School, while the second was given to Alsalam School in Tanta. For the engineering field, the winners of the first prize were Al- Motafawekin School in Suhag and Al-Aksas School in Suhag and the second prize was given to Alrowad Modern School in Qalyoubeya.

It is noteworthy that one of the winners of the first prize in the engineering field is one of 57357’s heroes who defeated lymphoma cancer.

The prizes given to winners included tablets and products of the contest’s sponsoring companies, in addition to certificates of appreciation from the Hospital. The prizes were offered by Mr. Alsengari, Eng. Abu Elmagd and Mrs. El-Iraqi. Within the celebration, the MSE teaching team that is responsible for teaching at the in-Hospital school, was honored for their efforts with our sick children.

Hospital 57357 thanks the event’s sponsors, the Arab Organization for Industrialization, Temmys Company, Mickey Magazine, National Geographic Magazine, Hyper One, Domti Company, Siwa Company and Gelsy Company.

We would like to express our appreciation for all the participating students, who represent future scientists, with your efforts Egypt will have a bright future.