I wonder is hope a feeling that creeps  in our hearts unconsciously! Or it is the result of happenings that lead to make it real and concrete?

My story with cancer was not an easy one, but I went through the bumpy road taking one step at a time.

I might have given up at the beginning, maybe I had no energy to continue, but a question popped up in my mind, will I continue?

At this moment I decided to take up the challenge saying: I will continue, God willing. I decided to be strong and become an example for others to follow.

What helped me and gave me strength was the care and love I found in 57357 and in the eyes of everyone around me. After God, 57357 was the support I needed. There were pain and fear down the road, but I had strong faith in God. I believe that when God loves someone He equips him to face life adversities, hence I didn’t give up and I was able to defeat my sickness and overcome the ordeal.

My name is Tasabih.

And Thanks be to God, I am recovered.