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Saudi Charity “Ahyaha” and Dr. Sultan Bahebry Visit CCHE, Seeking to Establish a Children’s Cancer Hospital in Madinah City, Saudi Arabia

Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE) is well-known in Egypt and amongst its neighbors for its many pioneering initiatives and achievements. Amidst these achievements has been assisting a Sudanese charity in establishing a hospital in Sudan using CCHE’s model. In light of this, CCHE recently welcomed the former CEO of the King Faisal Hospital in […]

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Beloved Soldier, Journalist and Countryman Ibrahim Higazy Visits Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357

Mr. Ibrahim Higazy, a renowned sports presenter and journalist, was welcomed by Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE) in the third week of October 2012 and spent his time encouraging the patients. In doing so he referenced his history as a soldier in the Egyptian army in the 1970s, during which he served Egypt in […]

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