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Bob Bradley, Egypt’s National Soccer Team Coach, Pays Visit to CCHE 57357 As Part of Holiday Tradition

Mr. Bob Bradley, the head coach for Egypt’s National Soccer Team, paid a visit to Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 (CCHE)with his wife, Lindsay. While there he commented on how CCHE was reminiscent of pediatric centers in the United States, attributing this sentiment to the “warm… caring environment” and the “special, spirited and cooperative” staff. […]

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Visiting Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357

Every year Children’s Cancer Hospital Egypt 57357 hosts hundreds of visitors. Giulia, an Italian tourist, was simply passing by when the brilliance of the hospital’s architecture and gardens captured her attention. Her blog features pictures and descriptions of what was clearly a moving experience for her. It’s impossible to put into words what one feels […]

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Sparkling stars hold our gaze, they both inspire us and illuminate a path for us to follow. Last month, a number of stars descended on Children’s Cancer Hospital of Egypt 57357. All dedicated their time, financial and intellectual resources as well as enthusiasm, ideas and ongoing support to help the true Rock Stars, the patients […]

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